Denish to campaign in Wyoming for Clinton

Posted 2/29/2008 04:36:00 PM

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish will travel to Wyoming this weekend to campaign for Hillary Clinton, and may also travel to Texas to campaign there.

Denish’s Wyoming visit comes in advance of the Democrats’ March 8 caucus in that state. She will promote Clinton at a dinner on Saturday and, at a Sunday breakfast, will “help educate Wyoming voters on the caucus process,” according to a news release from the Clinton campaign.

“I am so excited to be on the trail for Hillary Clinton this weekend in Wyoming,” Denish said in a news release from the Clinton campaign. “Hillary Clinton is the candidate I want as our commander in chief – and she is the only one with the strength, experience and record to begin tackling the serious issues that face our country from day one in office.”

Denish told me in an interview on Thursday that she may also travel to Texas before Tuesday’s vote there, but plans have not been finalized.

Denish is a superdelegate to the party’s August convention because of her role in the Democratic lieutenant governor’s association. She said there is “no question the momentum is with Barack Obama” heading into the Texas and Ohio votes on Tuesday, but said she “wouldn’t write off Hillary” and expects Texas to be close.

Denish, who endorsed Clinton before New Mexico’s Feb. 5 caucus, also said she doesn’t envision a scenario in which she would pledge her support to Obama unless the two candidates come to some sort of agreement before or at the convention.

Gov. Bill Richardson is one of the most sought-after superdelegates in the nation who hasn’t endorsed a candidate. He’s repeatedly kept himself in the spotlight by saying he might endorse and then not doing it. Denish said Richardson is “playing it really smart,” and said the race is close enough that it’s likely there won’t be a clear winner going into the convention.

“I think he has a role in brokering the final deal,” Denish said of Richardson. “I think his negotiating skills could come into play.”

Denish added that Richardson would give up such an opportunity if he endorsed before the convention, and said he may be holding out on an endorsement because he understands that.

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